Rotherham based entrepreneur, Jason Mace, owner of the patented Technoheater patio heater range, has called for the Government to ban gas patio heaters.

Jason wants the UK to follow in the footsteps of the city of Paris and to enforce a total ban on the heaters, in order to cut CO2 emissions, and reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

Paris officials enforced the ban back in 2008, with the backing of many organisations including The Energy Savings Trust. Former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, also called for their use to be regulated.

Government statistics suggest that gas patio heaters emit 380,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year – this is way too high and needs to be addressed through legislation immediately.

Jason Mace explains: “I can see no reason why gas patio heaters shouldn’t be banned straightaway. They add large amounts of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere and do no good at all. There are much more environmentally friendly patio heaters out there that create far less Carbon Dioxide and are also more affordable to run.”

Jason adds: “Technologies like Far Infrared Radiation have made gas patio heaters look outdated and inefficient. Home-owners and businesses are starting to recognise that there is an alternative to gas patio heaters and that they can create comfortable warmth outside without harming the planet.”

The Technoheater range uses innovative Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) which heats the person, not the air, by the use of infrared waves. FIR is completely safe and is widely used in hospitals for its health benefits. FIR raises the metabolic rate, making a person feel better and comfortably warm.

Technoheater, which secured the British Standard (BS EN 60335-1:2012) earlier this year, has seen a growing success in bars and restaurants due to its ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent, and reduce running costs by 85 per cent, compared with a gas patio heater.

It is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including those near young children, as unlike traditional gas patio heaters there is no risk of burning, as they are cool to the touch. Technologies which use FIR have also never been connected to the tragedies which frequently surround gas patio heaters, including fires, explosions and deaths.

Technoheaters also feature special sensors that register your movement within a radius of five metres, which makes the device go into standby mode in times of inactivity, saving the owner a significant amount of money.

Available to blend into any settings, the Technoheater range features four original range models, with the Apollo and Athena units available with integrated lights and Athena also including a media player. Alongside the original models, the Technoheater range has been extended and now incorporates three additional models, the free standing Mercury, wall mounted Venus and ceiling mounted Vulcan heater.

With a high quality, attractive powder coated paint finish, Technoheaters not only look great but are weather resistant and can be left outside throughout summer and winter. All Technoheaters come with a two year manufacturers’ warranty.