A new carbon fibre far infrared heater, Technoheater, is now enabling large commercial buildings to save on their energy bills by using its distinctive properties.

Yorkshire-based entrepreneur, Jason Mace, owner of the innovative and patented design for the Technoheater range, has received a huge amount of demand for the heaters since bringing them to market, and has now decided to supply a larger range of the heaters to commercial buildings in its international customer base. The extended range features heaters with additional lighting and built in media players as well as wall mounted and ceiling mounted models.

Commercial buildings can benefit from using Technoheaters as, unlike other heaters on the market, it features special sensors that register movements within a radius of five metres, making the device go into standby mode in times of inactivity, and allowing for substantial savings on bills.

The new Technoheater range can also help commercial buildings do their bit for the environment, by reducing carbon emissions from heating systems by up to 85%. The heater can reach a 0% carbon emission when powered by a green electricity source.

Jason Mace said: “The Technoheater is an exciting development in the heating sector, one that has never seen a product like this before. We have had a great response since becoming the UK’s exclusive stockists of Technoheater, and we have seen a gap in the market to provide commercial buildings with an energy saving, cost-effective heating solution, like the Technoheater.”

Using Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), the latest breakthrough technology, the Technoheater heats objects through infrared waves, which cause pulses in the electromagnetic field, vibrating molecules in the surface area of the skin to produce heat. FIR technology is completely safe, and is widely used in baby incubators and saunas for its health benefits, as it raises the metabolic rate.

The Technoheater’s waterproof and dust proof design allows the product to seamlessly blend in with any environment. The user-friendly Technoheater also comes with a remote control, with the option to disable the controls on the device, locking the heater on the preferred heat setting of the user. For safety, the device turns itself off if it senses it is not correctly upright.