At last, a revolutionary new range of outdoor portable heating units has been launched in the UK, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent and provides running costs that are typically 85 per cent less than with a gas patio heater.

Technoheaters use the latest breakthrough technology, with carbon fibre as the heating element. The technology is based on Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) , which heats you not the air, by use of radio waves. These radio waves cause pulses in the electromagnetic field that affect ions in the surface area of the skin and as the molecules vibrate, they produce heat. FIR technology is completely safe and makes a person feel comfortably warm. It is also widely used in hospitals for its health benefits, as not only does it keep you warm, it actually raises the metabolic rate and makes a person feel better.

Jason Mace, owner of the patented Technoheater rang said: “We are delighted to be one of the first UK stockists of this revolutionary new product. With more and more people looking to spend their leisure time outdoors, technoheater means you can enjoy the benefits all the year round – safely, affordably and sustainably. Its use of clever technology means that Technoheaters have a positive impact on your health too! We are looking forward to a great response from homeowners to this exciting new product.”

Technoheaters are ideal for use by families, as unlike traditional gas patio heaters, there is no risk of burning, as they are cool to the touch.

A recent study by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs calculated that, on average, a domestic gas-fired patio heater can emit six tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. With Technoheater, homeowners can be doing their bit to save the environment, by reducing their carbon emissions from outdoor heating systems.

Homeowners will also find that they are able to make significant savings, as Technoheater features special sensors that register your movement within a radius of five metres, which makes the device go into standby mode in times of inactivity.

With a high quality, attractive powder coated paint finish, technoheaters not only look great but are weather resistant and can be left outside throughout summer and winter. All technoheaters come with a two year manufacturers’ warranty.